Meditation Hypnosis Mindfulness

Hello and Merry Meet

My name is Barbara Ford-Hammond.

I am a hypnotherapist, coach and trainer who dislikes the word ‘therapy’ because the implication is that someone needs fixing or changing.

Any ‘changes’ we wish to make can be achieved by using self-hypnosis/meditation and inner-work to rebalance ourselves on a subconscious level.

This, combined with other wonderful things such as energy healing, inner peace, Circle, Reiki, Empowerment and more are coming.  

A cluttered mind is not conducive to good health and the first thing is to clear-out extraneous thoughts. These can present themselves as doubts, niggles, the to-do list and a variety of other issues that seem to do their utmost to prevent clear thinking.  

Comfort is paramount. If you enter the mind-state of flow, time disappears and before you know it hours have passed. You only ‘come back’ because your neck has locked or you can no longer feel your feet. Or, your bladder is about to explode.

Feeling free to be in flow is our spirit’s natural state. We do, however, tend to do all we can to hinder that but when we are in a congruent state of mind, body and spirit our emotions balance.

Exciting things are brewing
There is a free meditation for you to try through the ABC link above